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Solutions for water purification from oil products, oils and fats | Biomicrogel
Industrial and storm wastewater purification from oil and petroleum
Treatment and disposal of spent metalworking fluids
Increasing the efficiency of vegetable oil production
Responding to spills of oil and petroleum products
Customized solutions
Contract production
Areas of activities
Wastewater purification
Treatment of spent metalworking fluids
Increasing the efficiency of vegetable oil extraction
Responding to oil spills
Customized solutions
Контрактное производство бытовой и промышленной химии в России под вашим брендом


For water treatment
Purification of industrial and storm wastewater from oil and petroleum products prior to their discharge
For responding to oil spills
Containment and the recovery of thin oil slicks from the surface of water
For the treatment and disposal of spent metalworking fluids
Decontamination of metalworking fluids in metallurgical engineering and tube rolling
Быстро и бережно произведем продукцию по рецепту,
чтобы у вас было больше времени на маркетинг и продажи
Treatment of reservoir water, produced water, bottom water, and water injected to maintain reservoir pressure
Произведем аналог импортных коагулянтов
и флокулянтов в России из отечественного сырья.


Production facility and R&D

Clients and partners


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