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Biomicrogels Group Became Best Tech Company at G20
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Biomicrogels Group awarded the title of best tech company at G20


The G20 Innovation League event took place in Sorrento, Italy, on October 10. Dedicated to hi-tech developments and solutions, this conference was held as part of the G20 summit, attended by the leaders of the world’s twenty largest economies.

G20 members, world experts and investors recognized Biomicrogels Group's high-tech solutions as the best in the Cleantech category among the most innovative companies representing G20 countries.


The company presented its own Biomicrogels® solutions, which allow to reduce СО2 emissions by up to 23 million tons per year when cleaning industrial wastewater from oils and petroleum products, during processing and disposal of cutting fluids, oil spill response, or while increasing the efficiency of vegetable oils production.

Reducing СО2 emissions is a prerequisite for the export of industrial products. Currently, mature economies are pursuing an active policy to reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere, introducing "carbon tariffs" for local and foreign manufacturers. In this regard, the new solutions from the Biomicrogels Group allow companies to remain competitive on the global level.


Biomicrogels® products are environmentally friendly, efficient and affordable. The technology is based on deep processing of agricultural waste from apple and beetroot pulp, sunflower hearts. This is an eco-friendly solution to clean water and hard surfaces from any types of oils, fats, petroleum products and complex contaminants, unlike the usual process of heating and evaporation, which releases a lot of toxic chemicals. 

In its eco-friendly family of detergents and cosmetics under the WONDER LAB brand, which is also part of Biomicrogels Group, the company uses Biomicrogels® technology to create products that are truly safe for humans and nature and use a very high efficiency formulations without aggressive components, such as phosphates, phosphonates, and oil-based synthetic anionic surfactants. 

Recently, the company received the EU Ecolabel Type 1, confirming that its products meet strict quality and environmental standards, taking into account the environmental impact throughout the entire life cycle, from sourcing raw materials to safe disposal of used product. Biomicrogels® technology is protected by more than 100 patents in 62 countries of the world, including more than 20 European countries, USA, Canada and the Persian Gulf countries. 


The Biomicrogels Group solutions are in great demand among large international companies, who are focused on sustainable development and aim to reduce the negative impact of their operations on the environment.

According to a study by the Global Carbon Project, harmful emissions into the atmosphere continue to grow every year. For instance, in 2020, despite the pandemic and the subsequent decrease in industrial production, СО2 emissions have set a new record, reaching 36 billion tons per year. The increase in harmful emissions to the atmosphere leads to the "greenhouse" effect and climate change, rising the number of natural disasters and reducing fresh water supplies. As a result, environmental changes not only affect the human environment, but also have a negative impact on the economy and social sphere.

About G20 Innovation League

The G20 Innovation League is a leading international platform for discussing innovative technological solutions in the field of green manufacturing, artificial intelligence, IoT, healthcare and smart cities to stimulate the economic growth of the G20 countries.

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Media contacts:

Eugenia Kasyanenko, Head of Communications at Biomicrogels Group
8 903 220 54 97

“It is a great honor for us to be the only invited participant from Russia that has the chance to demonstrate our technology to experts from the world's leading industrial countries. We believe that in the 21st century we should pay more attention to ecology, since it is key to life on our planet. That is why we have created products that not only increase production efficiency, but can also be useful to all mankind, since our products can significantly reduce CO2 emissions and save water consumption on the global level. At the moment, we are the only developer and patent holder of technology and solutions based on biomicrogels in the world, which has passed an independent international audit by Isle. We have over 100 skilled professionals working in our offices in Russia, UK, Indonesia and Malaysia. And we are confident that our technology will help change the environmental situation in the world!"

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