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Biomicrogels® - solutions for palm oil extractions
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Biomicrogels® - solutions for palm oil extractions


Biomicrogel® BMG-C4, a processing additive used for palm oil extraction, is derived from vegetable feed stock, which is why it is non-toxic and absolutely safe for humans and environment.

Biomicrogel® BMG-C4 helps increase the efficiency of vegetable oil production at various stages of the production cycle that require oil extraction from the aqueous phase containing solid residues and / or oil separation from solid residues and / or remove contaminants from the oil.

This technology helps reduce wastage up to 0.9% and ensures better water purification while improving environmental indicators. Biomicrogel® BMG-C4 does not go into oil, but remains in the aqueous phase / solid residue until the end of the production cycle, which makes it different from other additives.

Biomicrogels® solutions for palm oil extractions

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