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Biomicrogels Group presented developed OSRP Solutions at the CLEAN GULF Conference & Exhibition in the USA


The team of the Biomicrogel Group presented their developments in terms of Oil Spill Response Plan (OSRP) at the International Exhibition of OSRP solutions CLEAN GULF Conference & Exhibition in New Orleans, USA in November, 2018. The major players of petroleum refining industry sector referred to them as “breakthrough innovations”.

The CLEAN GULF Conference & Exhibition introduces the best developments and case studies dedicated to water and soil treatment from hazardous wastes. 144 companies (incl. Shell, British Petroleum, Nalco, Elastec, NCR etc.) were presented at the exhibition room along with The SPA Biomicrogel in 2018. The exhibition takes place near the Gulf of Mexico. It is there that Deepwater Horizon offshore platform exploded in 2010, which resulted in spillage of about 5 million barrels of the fuel in sea water, and the oil spill area covered 75 thousand square kilometers.


The team of the Biomicrogel Group presented at the exhibition a unique solution capable of containment of emergency oil spills. Encapsulation of oil and petroleum products with their subsequent separation from water, soil and other surfaces is the main concept and application of the Biomicrogel® technology. Laboratory and field tests indicated: Biomicrogel® change the oil viscosity by more than 100 000 times upon contact with oil, turning it into a jelly. In this form the oil doesn’t spread over surface, doesn’t stick to birds, animals and shoreline, and is easily collectable from water surface by means of floating garbage collecting equipment or skimmers, and it is also reusable after recovery. In addition, the products of the Biomicrogel Group are made of natural raw materials completely, they are 100% biodegradable and completely safe for human beings and environment, unlike a few other synthetic equivalents.

BMG-P1 Sorbent was
a real highlight. The majors of the market producing equipment and turn-key oil
spill response solutions confirmed absolute novelty and huge potential for
application of the product. The same is confirmed by drafting an Agreement about
Cooperation in testing both at pilot installations and in real field conditions
using the relevant equipment for application of our product over oil slicks. The
Coast Guard Officers and representatives of the bodies licensing the safety of
applicable technologies and agents in OSRP kept environmental safety of our
products in special focus. 

p> The Biomicrogel Group presented three products at the Exhibition: Biomicrogel®️ BMG-P1 Sorbent, Biomicrogel®️ BMG-P2 flocculant and Biomicrogel®️ BMG-C3 soil cleanup agent.

Solutions used

For oil spill response
Containment and water surface pickup of thin oil slicks

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