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Biomicrogel® solutions for water treatment


Water purification from all types of oils, fats and petroleum products using coagulants and flocculants from Biomicrogel®

Coagulants and flocculants from Biomicrogels® are environmentally friendly reagents derived from natural feed stock and designed to purify water from various oily contaminants: oils, fats and petroleum products.

Unlike traditional coagulants, the coagulating agent from Biomicrogel® forms a film on the surface of pollutant particles, encapsulating them. When stirring, the pollutant capsules bind together into agglomerates and float to the surface of the water during precipitation (or deposit at the bottom if the density of pollutants is much higher than that of the water). At the final stage, any industrial method of sediment detachment can be used: settling-out, centrifugation, filtration, etc.

The flocculating agent from Biomicrogel® forms larger aggregates due to polymer bonds. It helps solidify the filtered substances, increasing them in volume, which is why they can easily settle-out / rise to the top and can be mechanically separated from the water.

Products from Biomicrogel® have a number of advantages over traditionally used coagulants and flocculants in terms of residual concentration of pollutants, rate of sludge formation, reagent reuse, and their environmental impact.

Разделение водомасляной эмульсии с помощью Биомикрогелей®

Solutions used

For water treatment
Industrial and storm wastewater purification from oil and petroleum products prior to their discharge
For treatment of cutting tool lubricants in engineering industry
Decontamination of metalworking fluids in engineering industry
For treatment and disposal of spent metalworking fluids
Decontamination of metalworking fluids in metallurgical engineering and tube rolling
Treatment of reservoir waters, produced waters, bottom waters and waters injected to maintain reservoir pressure

Used products

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