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Biomicrogel® BMG-C4 Product for Increasing the vegetable oils extraction recovery

Biomicrogel® BMG-C4 Product for Increasing the vegetable oils extraction recovery during their production is capable of separation of the oils from solid particles.

The objective after crushing/extraction of fruits/seeds of vegetable oil crop during oil extraction process in aqueous phase and at stages of settlement and centrifuge treatment is to maximize separation of oil held between the particles of crushed crop. Biomicrogel® BMG-C4 Product can be used at each of those stages.

Biomicrogel® BMG-C4 Product in a 25 kg bag
Biomicrogel® BMG-C4 Product in a 25 kg bag


Physical formPowder
Bulk density0.62 g/cm³
ColorFrom beige to yellow-brown
рН* value2.0 – 6.0

High efficiency

Decreasing vegetable oil losses in effluent waters to 0.3%


Oil separation from solid particles in seconds


– Wide range of applicable temperatures up to +95°С, doesn’t require special water conditioning for preparation of solution


The solution easily integrates with the current process

Biodegradability and environmental friendliness

Obtained by way of complex processing of vegetable feed, completely safe for environment, doesn’t affect the oil quality and performance


These technologies are patented in more than 50 countries around the world

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Upon contact with oil drops in aqueous phase Biomicrogel® BMG-C4 Product stabilizes at oil-water interface forming submicron polymer films displacing the oil drops from the particles of crushed crop, after which they surface.

Unlike the other Biomicrogels® modifications used as sorbent, flocculant or flocculating agent where strength of films (microcapsules) is critical and must be maintained during ling time, it is critical in this case to just ensure their short-term presence on the surface of the solid particles, ensuring oil separation from the solids and its surfacing on water. After the process is completed Biomicrogel® BMG-C4 Product is distributed in aqueous phase and over solids.
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Biomicrogel® BMG-С4 Product is used in form of 3% ready to use solution.

In order to prepare Biomicrogel BMG-C4 ready to use solution, it is necessary to use special equipment for the preparation and dispensing of the BMG PDS series and according to the instruction manual for BMG-C4
Biomicrogel® BMG-С4 Product is supplied as powder. 

It is packed in 25 kg polypropylene bags, and the bags are then placed on pallets. One pallet carries 20 bags – 500 kg of the Product.

To avoid hydrolysis or increase of microbial counts, fungi, hence resulting in deterioration, use Biomicrogel® BMG-С4 Product treatment solution within 7 days after preparation.

Biomicrogel® BMG-С4 Product is delivered in sterile condition; however, solutions can promote growth of airborne or aquatic bacteria and fungi. Always add biocide in storage areas where this process can occur.

It is recommended to use biocides based on isothiazoline in proportion of 700 ppm of agent per water volume. Equipment for preparation and containers for storage of Biomicrogel® BMG-С4 Product treatment solution as well as pipelines shall be pre-flushed and disinfected. Store the product in cool and dry place. Keep the entire protective packaging safe until the product is used. Guaranteed storage life – 24 months as of date of manufacture.

Biomicrogel® BMG-С4 Product shall be disposed of in accordance with effective legislation.

Application in solutions

Decreasing palm oil losses and decontamination of drainable industrial waste
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