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Increasing the palm oil extraction recovery
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Solution for increasing palm oil extraction

It will help you to produce more CPO and reduce losses without major capital investments
  • Increases CPO production volume more than than 5%
  • Reduces oil losses in heavy phase and solid more than 30%
  • Increases oil extraction in empty fruit bunches more than 10%


The solution includes reagents, equipment,
and the expertise of our engineers, who can help you get set up

Reagent BMG-С4
for increasing the extraction of palm oil

When BMG-C4 comes into contact with oil droplets
on palm fruits which have been crushed in water
it forms a submicron film around them. This film helps
the oil to be released faster and in greater volumeAbout the product

How does BMG–C4 work

BMG-C4 does not mix with the oil. When the process is completed,
the reagent remains in the water and sludge.

BMG PDS preparation and dosing station

In automatic mode it prepares, doses, and pumps a 3%
solution of BMG-C4 through the client's system. About the product
The flowchart below shows one of the methods of how BMG–C4 can be applied: using the
reagent after a centrifugal pump that pumps unrefined palm oil into a clarifier.

How does the BMG solution
improve the efficiency of your mill

The process of producing palm oil has not changed in concept for the last 50 years.
We have just improved it so you can earn more due to:

Increased extraction
crude palm oil (CPO)
Faster extraction in the clarifier
Reduced oil loss on exit from
the clarifier and reduced loss
on entry to the decanter
Reduced water consumption in the crude
palm oil tank (COT) by 50% or more
Reduced palm oil
mill effluent (POME)

Your mill will save
over $500,000 a year

after implementing the BMG solution

Why are we sure that our solution suits you?

We carried out five tests at Indonesian factories and each of them
showed an increase in oil extraction by up to 5-30% per hour

The BMG reagent is environmentally friendly and safe

BMG is made of beet and apple pulp, cellulose, starch etc. (CAS–number
9004-32-4, EC–number 618-378-6
). It is 100% biodegradable, safe
for people and the environment, and complies with ЕС № 1272/2008
BMG does not affect the quality
of the oil or its characteristics
BMG is effective regardless
of the volume of oil content in palm fruits
BMG makes oil processing
easier. Even for palm-kernel oil
Capital investments are not required
for the implementation of the solution
No changes are required
in the mill’s existing workflow
Implementing the BMG solution
will increase the prime cost of processing
1 ton of FFB by just $2

The advantages of collaboration with Biomicrogel®

Inhouse R&D center

It includes 4 laboratories and 2 experimental production sites. Research and development are performed by doctors and employees with PhDs in chemical sciences

More than 100 patents in 62 countries

Biomicrogel Group’s intellectual property portfolio includes patents, industrial prototypes, and trademarks around the world

Inhouse production

2 fabrication shops with a total area of 3,000 m2 manufacture up to 18,000 tons of product per month

Regular participation in industry events

Biomicrogel® takes part in Russian and international conferences and exhibitions as a speaker or participant

Laboratory and pilot tests

We carry out tests before supplying our solution in order to demonstrate to the client that the BMG solution will meet their needs

We work in Southeast Asia,
Europe, USA, and Brazil

We have representative offices in Indonesia and Malaysia. Contact them today to discuss running tests at your mill


Need help? Send us a message and we’ll get back to you.
We process all enquiries and are able to find a customized solution for every client.
Need help? Send us a message and we’ll get back to you.
We process all enquiries and are able to find a customized solution for every client.

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