Emergency oil and petroleum products spills are a relevant challenge at production, transportation, refining and storage of any types of petroleum products.

Petroleum products spills result both in direct costs (loss of commercial product, pollution of environment) and indirect costs (equipment downtime, failure to use water surface etc.)

Biomicrogel® BMG-P1 Sorbent and and Spilltex® filter cloth in a form of scoop net for collection of petroleum products or clothes for shallow rivers and shores are used as a response to impacts of emergency petroleum products spills in sea water and water with high hardness.


Value after implementation

Petroleum Products

<0.05 mg/dm3

The Spilltex® scoop net for collection of petroleum products is intended for manual cleanup of local petroleum products spills in hard to access areas for mechanical cleanup.

Owing to innovative coat made by Biomicrogel® particles, the surface of filter membrane attains wetting and oleophobic properties. It passes water through easily and captures any types of oils, grease and petroleum products, enabling separation of oil – water mixtures in the flow.

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Wet Spilltex® scoop net in water before cleaning the water from petroleum product film.

The scoop net can be additionally washed out in the process of collection of petroleum products.

Every scoop net is packed in individual sealed plastic bag.

Store Spilltex® scoop net in a cool and dry place.

Avoid direct contact of cloth with moisture, keep the entire protective packaging safe until the product is used. Recommended shelf life is 2 years.

The used Spilltex® scoop net shall be disposed of in accordance with effective legislation.

The following FCCW Code is applicable to the used membrane: 4 43 212 56 61 4 “Filtering mesh made of natural fibers, contaminated with petroleum products (concentration of petroleum products is less than 15%)”.

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