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Product for increasing sludge palm oil extraction BMG SPO | Biomicrogels

BMG SPO — product for increasing sludge palm oil extraction

It will help you to extract 25% more quality SPO twice as fast without additional equipment
  • Increases extraction site productivity by 100%
  • Reduces moisture content in SPO more than 1%
  • Reduces water consumption by 3 times

How does BMG SPO work

The agent is added in the proportion of 1 kg per 1 ton of sludge. The working solution of BMG SPO is evenly distributed by boiling, it does not need to be stirred.

BMG SPO forms a thin film which separates the oil from the surface of the solids and helps it to rise up faster.

How BMG increases the efficiency of SPO extraction

Applying BMG SPO increases oil extraction by 25% or more per cycle, which means 25% more profit from oil sales
Adding BMG SPO speeds up the extraction process from 24 to 12 hours. This doubles productivity and reduces personnel costs
By accelerating the extraction process, BMG SPO helps to reduce the cost of heating tanks with wood or diesel fuel by half and water consumption by three times
The cost of quality SPO is about 80% of the cost of CPO. BMG improves the quality of SPO by reducing the moisture in it to 1% or less. Less moisture — less transportation costs
Modern factories strive to reduce the total loss of oil during production. BMG helps to halve that figure through extraction of additional SPO
BMG SPO reduces palm oil mill effluent (POME) volume and POME-ponds area, reduces environmental impact and becomes a step towards zero waste palm oil industry
Start using BMG to increase SPO profits by 25% or more

Why are we confident in the effectiveness of the BMG SPO

Biomicrogels experts stay permanently in Indonesia and Malaysia and have already tested BMG SPO at four SPO extraction sites. Each of them recorded extraction of additional palm oil and reduction of extraction cycle from 24 to 12 hours.

Contact us today so that we carry out a test at your mill and prove BMG’s efficiency

The advantages of collaboration with Biomicrogel®

Inhouse R&D center

It includes 4 laboratories and 2 experimental production sites. Research and development are performed by doctors and employees with PhDs in chemical sciences

Laboratory and pilot tests

We carry out tests before supplying our solution in order to demonstrate to the client that the BMG solution will meet their needs

More than 100 patents in 62 countries

    Biomicrogel Group’s intellectual property portfolio includes patents, industrial prototypes, and trademarks around the world

Inhouse production

2 fabrication shops with a total area of 3,000 m2 manufacture up to 18,000 tons of product per month

Regular participation in industry events  

Biomicrogel® takes part in Russian and international conferences and exhibitions as a speaker or participant

We work in Southeast Asia, Europe, USA, and Brazil

We have representative offices in Indonesia and Malaysia. Contact them today to discuss running tests at your mill

How we work

Present BMG technology
Collect information about the performance of the equipment
Deliver a trial batch of BMG SPO
Instruct personnel on how to use BMG SPO
Deliver an industrial batch of BMG SPO
Remotely control application of BMG SPO
Need help? Send us a message and we’ll get back to you.
We process all enquiries and are able to find a customized solution for every client.
Need help? Send us a message and we’ll get back to you.
We process all enquiries and are able to find a customized solution for every client.
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