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Biomicrogel® for Soil Decomtamination
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Biomicrogel® for Soil Decomtamination


Soil cleanup agent Biomicrogel® BMG-C3 is capable of separating oils, fats and petroleum products from solid particles (soil, sand).

Upon contact with oil-contaminated solids Biomicrogel® BMG-С3 soil cleanup agent forms extremely thin film between the solid particles and oil, separating pollutants from the surface of solid particles. This makes the washing solution of Biomicrogel® BMG-С6 very effective for cleaning any solids from oils, fats and petroleum products. The cleaning process can be further intensified heating or stirring.

Biomicrogels® for coastline protection and the cleaning of oil-contaminated sand

Solutions used

For responding to oil spills
Containment and the recovery of thin oil slicks from the surface of water

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