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Responding to oil spills


Emergency spills of oil and petroleum products are a major issue when it comes to the production, transportation, refining, and storage of any types of petroleum products.

Spills of petroleum products result both in direct costs (loss of commercial product, pollution of environment) and indirect costs (equipment downtime, inability to use the water, etc.)

Biomicrogel® Sorbent BMG-P1 and Spilltex® filter cloth in the form of a scooping net for the collection of petroleum products or cloths for shallow rivers and shores can be used to respond to spills of petroleum products in sea water and water with a high hardness.


Value after implementation

Petroleum Products

<0.05 mg/dm3

Biomicrogel® sorbent BMG-P1 is an environmentally safe sorbent of natural polysaccharides, capsulating oils, and petroleum products, which enables its easy separation from water.

Upon contact with any lubricants, oil, or petroleum products in saline water, it immediately forms a submicron polymer film at the oil–water interface, forming microcapsules with these pollutants contained inside. After that the microcapsules merge with each other turning the source petroleum product into a viscous jelly which is much easier to collect from the water surface.

In this form the petroleum products do not spread out over long distances (the oil spill area can be reduced by up to 50 times), it does not stick to other surfaces (plants, birds, fishes, mammals, equipment, rocks etc.), and doesn’t catch fire or promote burning. Afterwards, the petroleum products can be returned to the process cycle after their removal.

Biomicrogel® sorbent BMG-P1 is applied to the water’s surface by means of spraying equipment. After that, the jellified pollutants are removed from the water’s surface by any means available (fine-meshed screen, netted spade, dust pans, etc.)

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Dilute the Biomicrogel® BMG-P1 sorbent in water using a static mixer or other appropriate mixing device suitable for making a homogeneous solution with a concentration of 1.0-2.0%.

Biomicrogel® sorbent BMG-P1 is supplied in powder form.

It is packed in 25kg polypropylene bags, and the bags are then placed on pallets. One pallet carries 20 bags, which is 500kg of sorbent.

Store the Biomicrogel® BMG-P1 sorbent in a cool and dry place. Keep the entire protective packaging safe until the product is used.

The guaranteed storage life in dry form is 24 months from the date of manufacture.

The recovered Biomicrogel® BMG-P1 sorbent with petroleum products capsulated in it shall be disposed of in accordance with effective legislation.

The following FCCW Code is applicable to the collected sorbent: 4 06 350 01 31 3 “Floated petroleum products from oil removers and similar facilities”.

Need help? Send us a message and we’ll get back to you.
We process all enquiries and are able to find a customized solution for every client.
Need help? Send us a message and we’ll get back to you.
We process all enquiries and are able to find a customized solution for every client.

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