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Reactor-type plant for the treatment of cooling lubricants

This plant is designed for cleaning cooling lubricants (cutting fluids) from oil products using reagent treatment followed by filtration process. The plant produces purified water and low-hazardous sludge. * If a higher throughput is required, the company can develop a customized solution with several reactors or with vessels of a larger size.


Plant throughput, m3 / day Up to 100*
Occupied area, m2 70 to 150
Volume of separation reactor, m3 5 to 12
Rated power, kW 5 to 20
Rotation speed of the stirrer in the separation reactor, rpm 100
Tank material Polyethylene, polypropylene, other materials on request


The plant can be used for cleaning any type of cutting fluids (seed oils-based and synthetic). After treatment, purified water complies with MAC.


The cost of cleaning coolant lubricants with this plant is 2-3 times lower than the cost of disposal using traditional methods.

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The purification process starts with destabilization of the cutting fluid in the oxidation reactor by lowering its pH value with a solution of activator 4A (acidic). Then the destabilized emulsion is subsequently treated with working solutions of the coagulant Biomicrogel® BMG-P2, activator A1 (coagulant), and activator A6 (flocculant). These reagents are mixed using an agitator installed inside the reactor. The separation reactor consists of a metal crate and a plastic reservoir placed inside it with an installed paddle stirrer. The tank is made of materials that can be used in contact with various substances, including aggressive ones. As a result of dosing and mixing the reagents, oil products are bound and a poorly soluble sediment is formed, which, after settling, is pumped out for further utilization. The clarified water produced as a result of separation cooling lubricant in the reactor is then discharged or is used for further purification. The plant includes all the necessary technological equipment, piping for technological equipment with shut-off and control valves, as well as devices used for monitoring and automating technological processes. If necessary, the plant is completed with the following instrumentation: pH sensor, level sensor, phase separation sensor.

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The plant for processing cooling lubricants is shipped as a semi-knocked-down kit. The installation and commissioning of the plant is carried out locally at the Customer’s site. Installation of the unit should be carried out by a specialized company that has permits for construction and installation work. Prior to installation, the preparatory works should be done by the Customer to get the site ready for the permanent operation of the plant. The specialists of SPC BioMicroGel LLC are ready to provide installation and commissioning of the plant on the turnkey basis.
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Application in solutions

For treatment of cutting tool lubricants in engineering industry
Decontamination of metalworking fluids in engineering industry
Decontamination of metalworking fluids in metallurgical engineering and tube rolling
Need help? Send us a message and we’ll get back to you.
We process all enquiries and are able to find a customized solution for every client.
Need help? Send us a message and we’ll get back to you.
We process all enquiries and are able to find a customized solution for every client.
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